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Cyber Secuity
  • Delegate Rust, chair
  • Delegate Cosgrove
  • Delegate Purkey
  • Senator Locke
  • Senator Martin
  • W. Scott Arnott, Chief Technology Officer, Zel Technologies
  • Nicole Bocra, Infinity Investigative Solutions
  • Keith Boswell, Director of Cyber Security and Technology Risks, Virginia Economic Development Partnership
  • Diana Burley, Associate Professor of Human and Organizational Learning, George Washington University
  • T. Charles Clancy, Director, Hume Center for National Security & Technology, Virginia Tech
  • Leslie Fuentes, Director of IT, City of Hampton
  • Jake Kouns, Cyber Security and Technology Risks Underwriting, Markel Corporation
  • Fred Norman, Commonwealth of Virginia Consulting
  • Marcus H. Sachs, VP of National Security Policy, Verizon
  • Sharon Simmons, Department Head, Department of Computer Science, James Madison University
  • Leonard Sledge, Director of Economic Development, College of William and Mary
  • Brian J. Tillett, Chief Security Strategist, Symantec Public Sector
  • John P. Zelsnack, General Dynamics - Advanced Information Systems
  • Cameron Kilberg, Office of Secretary of Technology
  • Sushil Jajodia, George Mason University
  • Dan Han, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Barry Horowitz, University of Virginia
  • Adrian Gheorghe, Old Dominion University

2012 Meeting Schedule
Speaker's Conference Room, General Assembly Building, Richmond

Cyber Security Overview

Cyber Security Legislation

Cyber Security Initiative Update

The Commonwealth and Cyber Security

Speaker's Conference Room, General Assembly Building, Richmond

Homeland Security Perspectives: Cyber Security Partnerships and Measurement Activities

Ideas for Cyber Security Leadership by the Commonwealth - T. Charles Clancy, Ph.D.

Cyber Security within the Commonwealth of Virginia

Virginia Operational Integrated Cyber Center of Excellence (VOICCE)


Cyber Security Update




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